Future of Hatherleigh Market – working group meeting

In Market by Town Council


Hatherleigh Town Council have formed a working group to look in detail at the market development and provide a platform for investigation and discussion.

It is agreed that in principle the Town Council should facilitate the future use of the market.

However there are many aspects of its operation that need further consideration and there will be a need to delegate to other organisations the running of future markets as the Town Council has no expertise on the matter.

A meeting was arranged with Kingswood Homes and key representatives who depend on the Tuesday market – traders, auctioneers, along with Councillors, District Councillor, Ruby Market, and Doctor from the Medical Centre.


You can read the minutes of the meeting here:       Meeting Notes – Future of Hatherleigh Market


A few facts we know are certain at this stage:

  • Kingswood Homes are in pre-application discussion with West Devon Borough Council with a view to submitting a Full planning application early 2018.
  • Vicks Market have informed their employees and traders that they will cease their operations on 27thFeb 2018.
  • The auction days of large livestock cattle/sheep/horses will cease.
  • The Tuesday pannier market can continue. Kingswood Homes are committed to providing a suitable trading area for the pannier market to continue through the whole period of development and assoc access, providing a suitable strategy is created.
  • The trading area and assoc car park will shift area around site as the various aspects of the proposal are developed.
  • Enquiries are continuing with all interested parties on how to create this trading space sufficient to meet the markets needs and ensuring continuity.
  • Plans are needed for Part 1 – when the existing market closes, and for Part 2 – the longer term / new market operation.
  • A new market management body will need to be found.