Great Western Rail consultation – Hatherleigh responds in support of Okehampton efforts

In News by Town Council

The Department for Transport is currently running a consultation on the future services across the Great Western Rail network. They are seeking the views from passengers, businesses and communities on how the service can be improved and what should be its future priorities.

Members of the OkeRail campaign group and Okehampton Town Council have put together responses to which they have kindly shared to other interested parties (including Hatherleigh Town Council) so this region can submit an informed response to help the campaign for an improved rail service to increase connectivity for the whole of West Devon and North Cornwall.

The Town Council response can be viewed here GWR response by HTC

Recent reports in the local press (  highlight that the government is looking closely at introducing a regular service, though there’s no timescale commitment, we need to show them we’re a priority!

For more information contact OkeRail on facebook   Or through their website page

The deadline for submitting your responses is 21st February 2018. Follow this link