Information on Compost Bins and Bonfires

In News by Town Council

In light of the new charges for the garden waste collection service, the TOWN COUNCIL would like to draw your attention to the following:


Compost bins are available to buy directly and cheaply from the Council offices at St James Street in Okehampton. They cost £15 for a 220 litre bin. These bins are an easy and efficient way to turn garden and vegetable waste into a rich compost for your garden plants.

Please always try to compost before resorting to a bonfire – Garden waste can emit air pollutants and particles.


If you are having a bonfire in your garden please be considerate and don’t light it on a lovely sunny day when your neighbours are enjoying eating outside or have a full line of washing out. If possible tell them in advance.

Burning items that emit hazardous dark smoke is considered an offence under the clean air act 1993 and can be reported to the Borough Council, who may prosecute. It is an offence for smoke to drift onto a public highway and the Police can be contacted. More information is available on the WDBC website.

Lastly please don’t forget that stored wood for fires may contain hibernating hedgehogs.