Help Local Wildlife

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Helping Local Wildlife: North Devon Biosphere are running a campaign called ‘Pledge for Nature’ to help the decline of Devon’s iconic species. To show your support visit their website for details

North Devon’s local economy of agriculture, tourism, forestry and fisheries depends on the natural environment, and our natural systems are also crucial for tackling climate change and safeguarding future generations. Cuckoos, lapwings and curlews, once widespread across our farmed landscape, are heading towards local extinction. Salmon and freshwater pearl mussels in the Taw and Torridge rivers are in grave decline. Swifts, swallows, hedgehogs, bees and butterflies are struggling to thrive as they once did. More than 92% of our iconic flower-rich culm grassland has been destroyed over the past 100 years.

“Examples of actions are:

  • give 10% of your lawn over to a wildflower meadow
  • trim your farm hedges every 3 years rather than every year
  • put up a nestbox for swifts
  • join a community tree-planting team

​Individuals will be able to pledge their action on a map-based web site, where they will also find technical advice and support.

To show your support visit their website for details.
Follow this link – Pledge for Nature