Hatherleigh Market – HTC response to revised planning proposal – 7/3/2019

In Market by Town Council

Dear Sirs

re: planning app no 1794/18/FUL revised plans/description redevelopment of former Hatherleigh cattle market comprising 102 residential units, fur and feathers auction facility/pavilion, A1 A2 A3 commercial units , market square, associated infrastructure and energy compounds, pumping station and car parking

Hatherleigh Town Council considered the above application at their meeting held on the 5th instant.

4 Councillors supported the application, 2 were against and there was 1 abstention.  Following this vote, the Council would like to make the following additional comments:-

  • concerns regarding stacked parking remain.  Human behaviour is such that this will result in the use of roads for parking
  •  the market building should have sides to be wind and waterproof, and fit for purpose for many community uses  KWH have stated a desire to see the continued operation of the Pannier Market. Provision of a fit for purpose building is a pre requisite if that stated desire is to be achieved
  • continued operation of the current market is essential  Cessation risks a potentially catastrophic loss of traders ad customers and must be avoided

The Town Council very much hope that we can continue working with KWH to address any future finer points/concerns over the operational nature of the market layout.

Yours faithfully Mrs.R.A. Lock, Clerk Hatherleigh Town Council