Tribute to Dennis Bater

In News by Town Council

It is with sadness that we mark the passing of Dennis Bater, a popular, friendly face about town.

Dennis was a member of Hatherleigh Town Council for 39 years and he held position of Mayor three times.  Dennis also served as Mayor of West Devon and was the local ward member for 20 years.

Dennis was an active member of our community and played a pivotal role in many events in town.  Throughout his years living in Hatherleigh he was a fireman, postman, chip shop proprietor, and also worked for Vicks market. 

He had a visible online presence with his Facebook page, and with his hundreds of followers was keen to spread the virtues of our small town around the world.

Dennis first joined the Town Council in January 1975, where he actively promoted many of the features we benefit from today which include: the bypass, Community Centre, Care Home, War Horse footpath and the many works of art around town linking with time spent on the Hatherleigh Area Project.

He was always the ‘go to’ person to recall the history of places and events and would do his best to dig through his archive of photographs or research to help find information.

Following his retirement as Councillor in April 2015 the Council presented him with a commemoration plate to recognise his long service to the town. Our deepest condolences to his family and close friends.

Photo with Dennis in 2015 before leaving the council
Dennis receiving his long service commemoration plate