Hatherleigh Market – Important Update 10/8/11

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It is the duty of Hatherleigh Town Council to represent our community in Hatherleigh and we take this responsibility seriously.  We listened carefully to the views and concerns expressed at the Council meeting on 9th August 2011 and will, of course, ensure that this information is passed on and that the concerns are taken into consideration as the plans for the market progress.  We are determined to ensure that any development of Hatherleigh Market brings as much benefit as possible to the town.

The market site is currently privately owned, and the owners of the site are entitled to decide how they use this land.  Currently they have announced that they plan to sell the land for development, but rather than drawing up these plans entirely privately they have opted to consult with the community to give an opportunity for everyone to express their opinions and make suggestions about how the development could bring benefits to Hatherleigh.

The first stage of this consultation was carried out during July and August 2011, including a public meeting on 14th July at which some initial thoughts and ideas were displayed.  The results of this are currently being analysed, and the developers will provide a synopsis of the results of this to Hatherleigh Town Council.  When we receive this, we will make it available on our website (www.hatherleightowncouncil.org), and will place a copy at the Community Centre for those without internet access.

The developers will then draw up outline plans for the development, and at this point they intend to display these plans publicly for further community feedback.  Once this is complete, they will make any adjustments and submit a formal planning application to WDBC

As with every planning application, Hatherleigh Town Council will be consulted on these plans, and we will have an opportunity to register any concerns and suggestions formally on behalf of the community.  Of course any individual or business can also write or email to comment on the plans at this stage.

These representations will be taken into account by West Devon Borough Council in making their planning decision, but ultimately the decision lies with them.

We will keep everyone informed on progress via our website and will place an update in the Parish Pump each month.  We will also ensure that any public consultations are publicised as widely as possible including displaying posters throughout town.  Please look out for further information which we will publish as soon as it becomes available to us.

Please feel free to make comments or ask questions using the form below. We will endeavour to reply to all comments and will be setting up a Q&A page where relevant questions will be added and answered for all to see.

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