Agendas & Minutes of Hatherleigh Town Council Meetings – 2013

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Unless otherwise stated all meetings of Hatherleigh Town Council are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Hatherleigh Community Centre. There are likely to be some meetings where we have to change the date – these will be highlighted on here as soon as possible.

The agendas and minutes of the meetings to date in 2013 can be found here.  Click on the appropriate date to download the minutes. If it says ‘draft’ against a set of minutes it is because they have not been finalised (which happens at the following meeting)

  • AGENDAS                                                  MINUTES
  •                                                               December 2012 final
  • January                                                              January final
  • February                                                           February final
  • March                                                                  March final
  • April                                                                     April final
  • May AGM                                                          May AGM final        Mayors’ speech
  • May Annual Parish                                       May Annual Parish final
  • June                                                                      June final
  • July                                                                        July final
  • August                                                              Aug 28th final
  •                                                                        Aug 8th final
  • September                                                       September final
  • October                                                              October final
  • November                                                         November final                 
  • December                                                          December final

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